About Sky Pasada


From the CEO 

Hello and Welcome to Sky Pasada!

Our passion for flying consummates our reason for being.

We want you to see different places, discover new cultures, and embark on breath-taking adventures. With us!

Sky Pasada is the jeepney of the sky! It revolutionized the traditional hub-and-spoke concept of airline service by connecting landing destinations in circuit schedules, thusthe term “Pasada.” Just like the Philippine jeepney, it makesevery stop-over a new starting point!

Why be tired and late if you can be ahead of time? And why take the risk when Sky Pasada guarantees your safety and comfort? And because time is gold, your Sky Pasada gives a lot more! With more time for your family and business, flying with us actually costs a lot less!

WCC Aviation Company taught professional pilots. Through its Pilot Academy, young men and women learned how to fly. Now, with Sky Pasada, everyone can soar up high!

Imagine the countless opportunities available because you can now cross borders – with security and style! Your professional tasks are done faster. Your business deals are closed quicker. Your family’s celebrations are enjoyed more often! Why? Because with Sky Pasada, time and space can no longer put limits! Your possibilities are endless!

We don’t say “flying is for everyone” for nothing. It is our vision and concrete action. We don’t say it’s bound to happen. We have done it! So come and join us – now!

Lipad na!

Captain Ramon V. Guico III, DPM 
President and CEO 
Sky Pasada