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Have the Best Trip in Batanes with These Tips

Batanes is one of the best places to visit in the country. It’s a picturesque place where every spot you lead your eyesight is guaranteed to be postcard-worthy. The homey smell of adobo and moist grass in the peak of dawn, the salty Pacific wind caressing your cheek, the quiet strolls among pastures of unassuming cows and carabaos, and the overwhelming stature of mountains and hills.

All these sound so inviting in theory but we guarantee that Batanes’ raw and majestic beauty is so much better to experience in the flesh.

And to help you make the best out of this scenic gem, we’ll give you tips that will make your Batanes trip a memory to last a lifetime:


TIP #1: Plan your trip ahead.

Read some websites and travel blog entries about Batanes. Use them all as a guide in making your itinerary. Going to Batanes planned is the best way to experience everything that the province has to offer. Plus, an itinerary will ensure that you won’t miss out a must-see spot.  


TIP #2: Visit at the right time.

Batanes is famous for its moody weather. At times it’s sunny, other times, raging storms are taking over it. So it’s important to visit during its dry season and locals say that the best months to visit the place is February to March, when the temperature is not too hot nor too wet.

However, it’s always good to bring umbrellas, brim hats, and raincoats just in case.


TIP #3: Grab a promo fare.

Due to its location, unpredictable weather, and limited number of airlines, travelling to Batanes is plain expensive. Just imagine, regular cost for airfare is already P10,000 or more!

For this reason, always be on a lookout for discounts, seat sales, and promotions on Philippine Airline and SkyJet’s website and social media page. Also, book 6 months or a year early, it might give you more time to get more discounts.


TIP #4: Choose homestay over hotel.

Accommodation in Batanes can be expensive! Choosing homestay instead of hotel will save you more money, which you could spend on other important things, like food. Staying in a homestay also gives you the opportunity to meet and befriend people who are also staying in the house, which more often than not, adds more flavor and color to your whole Batanes experience.


TIP #5: Rent your transportation.

Because Batanes is the least populated province in the country, transportation is really not that put into value. Yes, there are roads there, but buses and jeepneys? They’re few. For this reason, it’s more convenient to rent your own transportation.

Renting your own transport – through tricycles, cars, motorcycles, and bicycles – gives you control over your tour. Unlike group travel, you won’t be rushed, you could go to places you really want, stay there for as long as you like, and take as many pictures as you want!


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