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Top 5 Delicacies and Dishes From Batanes


Want to escape the clutches of mundane, routinary living or simply bored with the usual fast food take out?

Whatever the reason, we suggest you get yourself to Batanes ASAP! While you’re at it, try out their best local dishes, too! Here are just a few we really think you should try.


Uved/ Tabtab

A local comfort food made from grated banana corn mixed with minced fish or ground meat. It is usually rolled in balls (almost like meatballs) but can be served raw or cooked with or without its broth.


Supas/ Arroz Balenciana (turmeric rice)

You’ll never miss this staple during festivals or big family gatherings! This delicious yellow treat is rice porridge or congee cooked with turmeric (yellow ginger) pulp or powder mixed with various meats, poultry, and vegetables.


Lunyis/ Luňis

Another version of the all-time Filipino favourite, Adobo. Lunyis is pork seasoned and cooked with rock salt until it turns golden brown. The difference is that Lunyis is stored in its own lard for up to months on end to bring out more flavor!



The local flying fish will literally leap from the water and onto your favorite menu when you try it the Ivatan way. It can be cooked kinilaw style, or what the locals call lataven, where the fish is drenched in vinegar and calamansi juice then grilled to a delicious burn and served with mixed vegetables on the side.

Another way is called maytahes where the fish is cleaned, gutted, sliced open, seasoned, then laid out in the sun to dry.


Varied Root crops (Bonus round!)

Technically four more food to try, Batanes also offers uniquely-cooked root crops such as Wakay (sweet potato), Sudi (taro), and Dukay and Uvi (different types of yam) that are steamed, fried, or smoked.


But recently, Ivatans and other local food establishments have utilized “modernized” ways of presenting these local favourites like as doughnuts or swimming in sweet condensed milk!

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