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Essentials for the Perfect Air Travel Experience

Air travel can quickly turn into a nightmarish experience if you’re not prepared for the stress that comes with being in an airplane.

But there are certain things that can help you get that comfortable experience – and a jetlag-free feel after you’ve reached your destination.

Here are some essentials you should bring in a flight to get that perfect air travel experience:

Earphones or noise-cancelling headphones

If you’re easily annoyed with engine and cabin noise, these are essential for you to have a peaceful time. You can also use your earphones to listen to your favorite bands non-stop and keep you relaxed or soundly asleep!



When you go up in the air, the temperature inside the cabin can drop, which is why you should always bring with you a scarf. It can be used as a pillow, as a blanket, or simply just a fashion statement. It can be used in a variety of ways.


Small pillow or a travel pillow

Airplane seats might be just an ordinary seat when boarding, but after a while, it can become a seat from hell – really uncomfortable! That’s why it’s really advisable to bring your own pillow to help you rest and sleep nicely.


Emergency kit

Nothing ruins a great air flight than a paralyzing headache, or worse, an explosive diarrhea. So it’s extremely important to bring an emergency kit with you. This kit includes items like medicine, toothpaste and toothbrush, wet wipes, tissues, band aids, pain relievers, allergy medicine, sun block, and more. Just don’t forget to bring the required amount of liquid and gels.  


Slippers or socks

You might not think of it but bringing some warm slippers and socks with you can make a difference in your overall comfort. As mentioned above, the cold temperature in the cabin can leave your feet cold so a sock and fluffy slippers can help. Moreover, slippers can also help you avoid the dirty floor of bathroom and aisle floors of the airplane.


Beauty kit

The waiting and the whizzing sound of the engine can eventually make you look haggard. Stay fresh despite the cold, recycled air in the cabin with your favorite lotion, moisturizer, eye gels, and essential oils. Not only will this kit make you feel comfortable, it can also make you get insta-worthy travel shots!


Eye mask

If you’re the type of person who can’t sleep with lights on, you’ll have a problem because it’s impossible to have a total blackout in the airplane. For this reason, an eye mask would definitely help you buzz off.


Of course, everyone’s needs differ when it comes to comfort but these essentials will more or less help you alleviate stress in a flight. Getting a hassle-free and worry-free flight is one big key to an overall happy vacation.

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