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Local Romantic Destinations that are Definately

#RelationshipGoals To Go To

Either you’re dating, engaged, or married, there’s always a reason to add a little fun and adventure to your relationship. Instead of going on a typical fine dining restaurant, why not treat your special someone on a weekend getaway?

Here, take your pick from these picturesque Philippine destinations perfect for your #RelationshipGoals:



Batanes seems too far for everyone, because it’s located at the most northernmost province of the Philippines. But then it’s the perfect place to bring your partner for date or simply being with nature and enjoy a different world.

If you don’t want to get exhausted and sunburnt, consider visiting this place. It’s also best for the ultimate #RelationshipGoals because of its well preserved attractions, breathtaking landscapes and warm, honest locals.

Fortunately, Batanes has made a lot of people fell in love and it’s no wonder if you and your partner would have the most romantic spending quality time together.



Known for their famous bangus, white-sand beaches, and the Hundred Islands, it became one of Philippines best-made, but Pangasinan is way more than these. Even better, couples who wish to go out of town, the coastal province is travel friendly since the food and accommodation prices are well within the average budget.

It’s perfect for couples who are up for fun and adventure since they’d be spending most of their time exploring rides like ATV, enchanted caves and eating delicious delicacies of the place. Their cheap fruits and seafood are the bomb.

So aside from being travellers, you and your partner could be the ultimate food buddies!


Maconacon, Isabela

Isabela province is the second largest province of the Philippines, and most of us didn’t know that there’s a lot of undiscovered paradises in the place, which is perfect for #RelationshipGoals because discovering new places is much more romantic than going to your “usual” eating place.

The province will exceed beyond your expectations because of its people, city, wild nature and the unspoilt landscape. In other words, it will surprise you and you won’t expect it. Being in love, it’s not enough that you’re just two in the relationship.







If you’re kind of couple who loves history with a touch of adventure, Tuguegarao is the place to be. There are few spots that will definitely surprise you like their, historical churches, longest bridge in the country, and their delicacies.

It’s like going back to history you never been into and experience a travel back time. Moreover, it’s perfect for your Facebook wall and Instagram feed. They also have great accommodations in the place which makes a good stay for you and your partner, that’s far from the city and stress.


It will be fun if you’re open to visit new places and meet exciting new people along the way, that will help you spice up your relationship. That’s the real goals.

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