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Backpacking For The First Time? Here’s Your Ultimate Guide!

Years ago, traveling seems expensive but that is no longer the case now. With the help of backpackers’ itinerary posts online, you can use what they share as guides to explore new destinations even on a tight budget.

With all the new places to discover and experience, travelling as a backpacker is definitely something to be excited about. Before you go on your journey, here are some tips you need to know:

Survive or die

Let’s be honest, backpacking can be quite intimidating but with a lot of research and your will to travel, it will be worth it. But then if you’re traveling for the first time and you’re shy, do think twice.

Now is the time for you to step out of your comfort zone. Asking locals for directions during your trip won’t bite you, it can even be a new experience for you if you’re usually shy. Learn to trust yourself and let go of your fears and just enjoy the flow of travel.

Do not pack what you don’t need

It’s backpacking, consider having a good and trusted backpack will help you all throughout your trip. It will stick with you the entire time and it will be the storage for your belongings. But then it’s not just about the backpack, but the things inside your bag.

If you want to go backpacking, do not pack what you don’t need like jewelries, laptops or perfumes behind you, it’ll just make your backpack heavy, which you won’t even like while you’re on trip.

Just pack enough clothes, toiletries, medication and snacks. Just chill, don’t overreact.

Spontaneous is okay, but not always

You may think that backpackers do not plan because, well, it’s adventure but you’re wrong. You still have to plan ahead, or have your trip ruined, you choose. Consider planning the sites you intend to visit, like creating your itinerary ahead of time.

Remember, it’s still important to be organized, so you won’t be lost. Backpackers seem good at budgeting but even backpacking is low-cost budget, your wallet must be ready in case you spend more than what you expected. Be flexible and monitor your spending.

Remember, you’re not a hero

As a newbie, it’s not intelligent to send yourself to an 8-hour hike, your body might not be ready for it. Start slow and choose your route wisely. You’re not a hero, you’re allowed to stop when necessary.

It’s important to assess your fitness level and the time you have, as it will determine what kind of route you should take. However, make sure to consider taking the easy beginner route, so you would look forward to doing it again.

You can go solo, but it’s better going more

It’ okay to be excited as a first timer, and you want to go solo. But then it’s still better if you can bring friends who have experienced backpacking before. Chances are you’ll have more fun and at the same time, you’d be guided.

Don’t be afraid to admit that you don’t know much yet, but you’ll get there.

It’s not a party, it’s backpacking

When backpacking, it’s necessary that you’re well prepared and of course, well clothed. You’re up for adventure, you should know the essentials so could survive like tent, compact stove, water, and kitchen supplies.

You won’t see any fast food chain or restaurants up there, so better be prepared, or you’ll starve. Wear the proper attire, you’re not going to a party. Choose clothing made of quick-drying, and moisture-wicking fabrics. It’s better ready than regret it afterwards.

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