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Never Miss A Second, Ways to Maximize Your Stay In Batanes

Unlike other beautiful places across the country, northbound or southbound, Batanes is an eighth wonder paradise overlooked due to its storms and harsh waves. Nevertheless, it’s the risks themselves that attract tourists to visit and repeat the Batanes fantasy.

The breathtaking, calm beauty of the blue seas and green pastures make up for its challenging travel. So here are some tips for you to make the most out of your stay:


1.     Book your flight at least two months ahead. Time is gold. Time is money. The length of time spent on your vacation is crucial to your stress-free enjoyment. Schedule your flight when there’s a cheap slot available. Airfare promos usually endorse flights up to a year ahead of your chosen travel date. Budget travelers spend as much as P1,200.00 for a roundtrip five days max.


2.    Every destination needs an itinerary. First-time travelers often have trouble compiling ideas and activities to include in their list of itineraries. If you’re going on lone ranger mode, the best you can do is go nature sightseeing. Batanes is composed of ten small islands; the entire landscape is filled with scattered hills resting on waters. For starters, the three biggest islands is the most accessible to visitors, including Basco in Batan Island, the provincial capital.


3.     But at the same time, be spontaneous. Plans don’t always go the way they’re supposed to. When life gives you lemons, you can always go on a food therapy with Batanes’ native dishes. While it’s no foodie haven, given that produce is quite scarce due to the province’s hoarse environment, their staple seafood (lobsters for cheap!) is worth every penny. If you’re going to be a worrier, at least be a creative one and do something about it.


4.     Look for opportunities to make meaningful contact with the locals. You can be whoever you want once you’re out of your comfort zone so you might as well be an extrovert while at it. Don’t hesitate to ask questions; once you get to know them, they’re worth more than just photo subjects on your Instagram feed. Travel teaches you diversity, which helps you distinguish cultures.


It’s a well-known fact that flying to and staying in the water-locked nowhere land called Batanes can be costly. That is, unless, you follow the mentioned suggestions. Batanes is a bucketlist gem because it bears no sign of the times. If anything, it’s a little piece of heaven. Follow https://www.skypasada.com/ for more Batanes travel ideas and tips.