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Palanan's Woder Off-the-beaten-track

The natural wonders of Palanan, Isabela are off-the-beaten-track--but once you set foot on these hidden pockets of paradise, it will be worth all the effort going on boat rides and all the jet lag for those coming from overseas.

Get ready for some awesome nature-tripping and adventure when you head out to these places:


Dicotcotan Beach

Dolphins and humpback whales are just some of the usual sightings here in Dicotcotan Beach. The three-kilometer long white beach boasts of spectacular rock formations, coral reefs, and seagrass beds. If you plan on staying, locals are truly accommodating, plus affordable and freshly-caught seafood are available.


Palanan Wilderness Area

If you want to spend time sight seeing, trekking, snorkeling or scuba diving, you can do all these at Palanan Wilderness Area or the Northern Sierra Madre National Park. This place offers a rare glimpse of various wildlife, the natural wonders of Palanan and contains the most extensive area of preserved rainforest in the Philippines.


Kanaipang Beach

For certified backpackers and beach lovers, Kanaipang’s beach wonders are worth ticking off your list of adventures.. Travelers say that it is the toughest competitor of  Boracay. Not just for its crystal clear waves that touch the white sanded shoreline, but also as an ideal place for surfing.


Blue Lagoon

If Surigao del Sur has its enchanted river, Palanan’s mystery lies beneath the crystal clear waters of Blue Lagoon. Several divers tried but failed to measure the lagoon’s depth but its mysterious  nature continuously allures tourists. Sea creatures are often seen in the area, and the forest trees surrounding it adds more mystical features to its beauty.


An amount of patience is essential in reaching the wonders of Palanan--but your patience surely pays off once you arrive. For more travel bucket list  references, visit Skypasada and plan your next Philippine escapade!