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The Travel Treatment: Why The Broken-Hearted Go To Batanes  


Heartbreak comes in many forms: a failed romance; family problems; unhappiness over a career; or the loneliness that comes with isolation and separation from the things and people you love... See more>>

Never Miss a Second, Ways To Maximize Your Stay In Batanes

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Unlike other beautiful places across the country, northbound or southbound, Batanes is an eighth wonder paradise overlooked due to its storms and harsh waves. Nevertheless, it’s the risks themselves that attract tourists to...See more>>


Wonders of Palanan Off-The-Beaten-Track


The natural wonders of Palanan, Isabela are off-the-beaten-track--but once you set foot on these hidden pockets of paradise, it will be worth all the effort going on boat rides and all the jet lag for those coming from overseas...See more>>


BATANES PRIDE: Top 5 Delicacies and Dishes From Batanes



Want to escape the clutches of mundane, routinary living or simply bored with the usual fast food take out?

Whatever the reason, we suggest you get yourself to Batanes ASAP! While you’re at it, try out their best local dishes, too! Here are just a few we really think you should try...See more>>

Take Your Travel Photos to the Next Level Using Your Phone

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Our smartphones are changing the nature of travel photography. Unlike before, you don’t need to bring fancy cameras and lenses when capturing good photos. Nowadays, you just need to grab your smartphone...See more>>

Local Romantic Destinations that are Definately #RelationshipGoals To Go To


Either you’re dating, engaged, or married, there’s always a reason to add a little fun and adventure to your relationship. Instead of going on a typical fine dining restaurant, why not treat your special someone on a weekend getaway?...See more>>

Backpacking For The First Time? Here’s Your Ultimate Guide!


Years ago, traveling seems expensive but that is no longer the case now. With the help of backpackers’ itinerary posts online, you can use what they share as guides to explore new destinations even on a tight budget. 

With all the new places to discover and experience, travelling as a backpacker is definitely...See more>>


Have the Best Trip in Batanes with These Tips


Batanes is one of the best places to visit in the country. It’s a picturesque place where every spot you lead your eyesight is guaranteed to be postcard-worthy. The homey smell of adobo and moist grass in the peak of dawn, the salty Pacific wind caressing your cheek, the quiet strolls among pastures of unassuming cows and carabaos, and the overwhelming stature of mountains and hills.

All these sound so inviting in theory but we guarantee that Batanes’ raw and majestic beauty is so much better to experience in the flesh.

And to help you make the best out of this scenic gem, we’ll give you tips that will make your Batanes trip a memory to last a lifetime:...See more>>

Essentials for the Perfect Air Travel Experience


Air travel can quickly turn into a nightmarish experience if you’re not prepared for the stress that comes with being in an airplane.

But there are certain things that can help you get that comfortable experience – and a jetlag-free feel after you’ve reached your destination.

Here are some essentials...See more>>

Travelling to Batanes? Here are the top Instagram-worthy spots you must visit!


Your dream trip to Batanes is finally about to come true. You filed your vacation leave, booked your plane tickets, reserved a hotel room, and packed your things. All that is left to do is prepare your itinerary. Where should you go first? What should you see first?...See more>>

City Food Crawl: 5 Best Food Places in Tuguegarao City


If you’re on an adventure to taste the best local food in the Philippines then you wouldn’t regret a single moment of stay in Tugegarao.

Tugegarao City is the provincial capital of Cagayan in the northern part of the Philippines. While it has that ‘laxed “provincial” feel, the city basks itself in modern architecture, natural attractions, and man-made beauties.

But if there’s one more thing...See more>>